How To Cure Sleep Insomnia Naturally

Battling insomnia can feel like an uphill battle.  Especially when you are lying awake at night trying to 'will' yourself into a slumber. And no matter, how many sheep you count or change your sleeping position, your sleep quality is not improving. 

how to cure insomnia naturally

Of course there are sleeping aids that can alter your biochemistry to trick your body into sleeping.  However at Sleep Quizzz, we always recommend trying natural remedies first, and then progress onto the more artificial solutions. 

This article is about achieving a better night's sleep naturally and how to cure insomnia without sleeping pills

What is insomnia?

There is a high likelihood you are reading this on your phone or tablet from your bed in the early hours of the morning.  So we don't want to go too much into detail about the nuances of insomnia. 

A basic definition of insomnia, is the inability to fall asleep, and stay asleep.

If you are unsure if you are suffering from insomnia or a different sleeping disorder you can take our DO I HAVE SLEEP INSOMNIA quiz to determine if you are exhibiting any insomnia symptoms.  

Studies have shown that the body needs sufficient sleep in order to function properly.  

The role sleep plays in the bodily functions include memory consolidation, restoration of the nervous and muscular systems, and most importantly proper function of the immune system.  Without the right amount of sleep, an individual is more likely to develop life-threatening diseases such as cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders and early mortality.  

Why Does Insomnia Occur?

In order to appreciate some of the remedies that we will cover in this article, it is helpful to understand how and why insomnia can occur in individuals. 

Insomnia can often occur when there are changes in your life. This can include planning for a big event (such as a wedding), or in the lead up to an important exam.  Even small instances, such as an awkward conversation with your work colleague, can cause enough stress to prevent a good night's sleep. 

Changes to your daily routine can also disrupt your sleep schedule, and you may experience insomnia while your body adjusts to the new routine.  For example, many shift workers experience difficulty sleeping during the transistion between day and night shifts. 

It is important to recognize, physical illnesses can also sometimes cause insomnia.  Often, it is the medications prescribed to heal the illness that can cause an imbalance in the human body's chemistry.  Resulting in you lying awake in bed wondering why you cannot sleep. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the causes of insomnia check out our article about What Causes Insomnia?.

How to Cure Sleep Insomnia without sleeping pills or drugs

So now we know a bit about the causes of insomnia, we can begin to put in place some remedies to cure insomnia naturally. 

In no particular order is a list of our favorite ways for how to cure insomnia naturally.   

Mindfulness meditation & Chanting

Now we know this one conjours up images of monks in temples surrounded by forest or even cult like group chants, however we promise you we are not that kind of group! 

When we refer to mindfulness meditation and chanting, we specifically mean training your mind on one activity.  This activity can be focusing on your breath or concentrating on producing a low hum or vibration from your throat (our version of chanting). 

By bringing your brains attention to one thing, you are practising the art of being mindful.  The idea here being that you are quietening your mind and ignoring all the stressful thoughts that may be popping into your mind. 

In addition to being mindful, the chanting creates a vibration to occur.  This constant low vibration helps to calm your mind and muscles, and increase the likelihood of sleep.

Binaural Beats

Although not a new concept in the natural healing space, binaural beats are a great way to overcome insomnia and induce sleep. 

binaural beats to treat insomnia

In brief, binaural beats are a form of brain entrainment that uses frequencies to influence the speed of your brainwaves.  

Generally speaking, binaural beats are laid on top of an audio track that should be listened to via noise-cancelling headphones.  The reason why headphones are more effective, is due to the technology that feeds to different frequency tones into the left and right ears.  

The brain will process the two different tones and it will perceive a frequency difference between the two tones (for example the right ear receives 210 Hz and the left receives 225 Hz, then the brain will process a 15 Hz frequency). 

The brain will then naturally match the 15 Hz frequency.  

Using this technology you can slow your brainwaves to activity that resembles sleep (such as Delta waves 1 - 4 Hz) and induce your brain and body into sleeping. 

Exercise and Yoga 

Studies have shown at least thirty minutes of exercise a day helps to reduce insomnia.  Regular exercise promotes a healthy functioning body and encourages the delivery of oxygen to all areas of the body.  This is particularly important for the body to perform it's restorative activities during sleep. 

Regular exercising helps to train the body's response mechanism for sleep.  During exercise your body's temperature increases, and subsequently decreases when you stop.  Your body's temperature also drops while you are falling sleep.  The similarity between these temperature drops can help your body recognize when it is time to sleep and help the process of falling asleep quicker. 

Exercise has also been known to help decrease anxiety and stress.  We identified earlier that stress is a common cause for insomnia.  Therefore, by exercising you can decrease stress and prevent the likelihood of insomnia from occurring. 

In particular, we recommend practising yoga.  Yoga is a very popular way to exercise and cure insomnia naturally.  In fact a study found that over 55% of individuals who practised yoga, found it easier to get to sleep and stay asleep. 

Yoga works in two ways:

  1. it helps to promote the distribution of oxygen to all your body, and
  2. the practice of yoga helps to focus your mind on breathing, a form of mindfulness.  As you have already read, we identified that mindfulness is a great way on how to cure insomnia naturally.  


Homeopathy is the art of using naturally occurring substances to promote healing responses in the body. 

These are often found in the form of minerals and vitamins.  

For insomnia, we recommend looking at magnesium.  Magnesium helps to relax the bodies muscles, and relieve stress.  Both common causes of insomnia.  

Magnesium can be taken orally, or you can simply take a bath with magnesium added into the water.  

lavendar oil to cure insomnia
use lavendar oil to reduce insomnia

Another option for a homeopathic cure for insomnia is Lavendar Oil

Lavendar oil has been known to promote calmness and reduce pain. 

We like to use lavendar oil by diffusing it in a vaporizor while you are drifting off to bed.  Some vaporizors also have a soothing water sound to help with the ambience and drown out environmental noise.     

When it comes to homeopathy, it is always best to start with a low volume or dosage when first beginning the treatment.  Start a slow and be mindful of how you feel.  Do you feel any side-effects?  Do you feel any changes in your sleep or daily routine? 

As always if you are unsure or have any questions whether homeopathy is the best way to curing your insomnia, please consult a medical professional for advice. 

Main Takeaways

Saying insomnia is no fun is a complete understatement. 

Lying awake in bed constantly checking your phone or clock is enough to drive a person crazy. 

With a few simple lifestyle adjustments, like regularly exercising and making time for practising meditation, you can decrease the likelihood of insomnia occurring.

This combined with some homeopathy and binaural beat technology, we are confident you will be well on your way to restoring a good nights sleep.  

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