How To Cure Insomnia - Guide To Reclaiming Your Sleep

Insomnia is a treatable condition. For some people, insomnia may resolve itself naturally. For those that need a bit of extra help we have developed a six-step strategy for the Best Way to Treat Insomnia. Every person is unique so with a bit of patience, you can find what works for you. A first step to resolving your insomnia is developing healthy sleep habits or good sleep hygiene as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle which may be contributing to the problem.

Ways to Cure Insomnia

ways to cure insomnia

There are many ways to cure insomnia.  What works for one person may not work for another.  So the best way to approach curing insomnia is to work your way through each method until you find one that works. 

We have laid out simple step-by-step plan of methods to work your way through below.  We have purposefully ordered these treatment methods for Insomnia in a way that takes the less invasive and costly methods first.  It then progressively moves to the next stage of treatment, which usually increases in cost. 

Improving sleep habits

  • Listen to your body's natural clock - try going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. Go out in the morning sun early in the morning which will help reset your natural circadian rhythm. Do this regularly and you may find your sleep natural sleep cues with beginning to feel sleepy at a regular time each night.
  • Don't smoke or drink before bed - stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine disrupt your natural sleep cycle. Cutting them out or reducing them particularly before bed can help with sleep.
  • Create a comfortable bedroom - set the bedroom for sleep success by investing in a good mattress, make sure the room is dark by using block out blinds, and make sure the room is not too hot or too cold. 
  • Avoid screens an hour before bed - blue light from phones and other electronic devices disrupts sleep by tricking your body into thinking its daylight. 
  • If you can't sleep, don't just lie there - go to another room and do a quiet activity until you feel tired and then try again. Your bedroom should be for a sanctuary for sleep so avoid using screens for work or entertainment if you can't sleep.
  • Relaxation techniques - relaxing the body and mind before going to bed helps you physically and mentally wind down and prepare your body for sleep.  Do something relaxing before going to bed such as breathing exercises or mindfulness meditation.

We have created a helpful infographic below that shows our simple step-by-step process for our sleep insomnia cure.

sleep insomnia cure six-step strategy

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT-i) is commonly the first line of treatment for insomnia where sleep strategies and relaxation techniques haven't proven helpful for the individual.

Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia is an effective treatment which focuses on identifying anxieties or negative thoughts and beliefs that keep you awake or affect your ability to sleep and replacing those thoughts with healthier beliefs and attitudes.  CBT-i can be a good treatment choice if you have long term sleep provlems or worried about becoming dependent on sleep medication.


Where other methods for treating insomnia have not helped, your doctor may prescribe you medication. Medication is an effective short term treatment, however long term use may lead to addiction as your body gets used to them and they become less effective over time. Medication can also lead to side effects such as night wandering, agitation, impaired thinking and excessive drowsiness. 

Key Takeaways

With our six-step strategy you should be well on your way to developing some healthy sleeping habits that will help you find a cure for sleeplessness.

With a few adjustments to your way of life and preparations for sleep time, you can set yourself up for success and rediscover those uninterrupted nights of sleep.

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