Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Device


What we like...

Non-Invasive Anti-Snoring Device
Customizable to Personal Preference
No cleaning or maintenance and travel-friendly

What could be better...

Pillow Insert can occaisionally slip out
Some users have said the pump woke them up
Price is high compared to alternative solutions

Smart Nora Reviews - Will it stop your snoring?

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Let's face it, snoring can be the difference between a happy relationship versus a strained one. With snoring affecting approximately 57% of men and 40% of women, that is potentially a lot of strained relationships. 

If one person (or both!) is not getting their required amount hours of sleep, it can negatively impact your quality of life. Fortunately for you and your bed partner, there is a solution. 

Introducing Smart Nora, an intuitive anti-snoring device, that helps to prevent snoring and restore those precious hours of sleep.  

What exactly is Smart Nora?

Smart Nora is an anti-snoring, non-intrusive device that helps individuals overcome the likelihood of waking their bed partners up with their annoying snoring.  

One of the benefits of Smart Nora when compared with other anti-snoring devices, is the non-intrusive nature of this sleeping aid.  Other anti-snoring devices like mouth guards, can be intrusive and cause discomfort and, in some extreme cases pain.  In our books this defeats the purpose of a sleeping aid, as it may be achieving its purpose of stopping you from snoring, however it is at a cost of your sleep. 

The Smart Nora Device has been cleverly designed with a pillow system and an intelligent listening device to interrupt your snoring habit before it causes you or your partner to wake up. 

Smart Nora is created by a specialist team of engineers and sleep aid designers, led by its co-founder Behrouz Hariri.  Not surprisingly, the idea and concept of Smart Nora was originally funded via a Kickstarter program.  Clearly, the idea struck a cord with people around the world, and the story of Smart Nora began. 

Are you starting to like the idea of Smart Nora?  Continue reading our Smart Nora Review to find out if it can be the solution to your snoring problem. 

How Does Smart Nora Work?

The concept of Smart Nora is really quite clever.  

The strategy behind Smart Nora is that it breaks your snoring habit by performing an interrupt just as you begin to snore. 

It achieves this by detecting the beginning of your snoring via a microphone that is housed in a unit called the Pebble, which is placed near your head while you sleep.  

Once Smart Nora detects a snoring sound, it will trigger a pump to quietly inflate a pillow inserted under your pillow.  The subtle movement of your head will cause a change in your sleeping position.  Consequently, interrupting your snoring and giving you and your partner a good nights sleep. 

The ingenuity of this sleeping device is in the inflation of the pillow.  It is a gentle process that will not wake you or your partner AND more importantly stops you snoring.

Check out the explanation video of how Smart Nora works:

How Do I Set Up Smart Nora?

Smart Nora Review Box Contents

Included in your Smart Nora Box

  • Charger for mains (with multiple country specific options)
  • The Pebble (listening device)
  • Air Pump
  • Control Pad
  • Air Tubing 

We think it is also worth highlighting the Smart Nora came in a very neat and presentable felt box/case.  The case not only looks great, but it also has a dual purpose.  It is nice and compact for tucking away when not in use or easy to carry when travelling.  Additionally, the other neat feature is the material it is made out of.  The soft felt helps to reduce any noise emitted when the air pump kicks in.  This is key when you consider the purpose of the device is to maintain your sleep. 

Instructions for Setting up Smart Nora

Setting up Smart Nora is a simple process that won't take long.  Below we have laid out an easy to follow step-by-step process to get you going.  On the other hand, if you are someone who prefers to watch a set of instructions we have also included an instructional video at the end of this section. 

  1. Connect the air tube from the pillow insert and the air pump
  2. Next, connect the pump and the pebble (listening device) by establishing via the Bluetooth connection 
  3. Then connect the pump to the mains (electricity outlet) and begin the charging process for the pebble. 
  4. While charging you can position the pillow insert underneath your pillow and turn the pump on for testing.  
  5. Finally, engage the pebble by pressing the Operation button and set the sensitivity for the pebble's microphone and the pillow inserts inflation level. 

Finding the right sensitivity levels will involve a trial and error process over the course of a few nights, so it is recommended to set both sensitivity levels to medium and adjust according to your personal preference.  

As promised, here is the video version of the instructions. 

Smart Nora Features Review

The Smart Nora comes with many customizable features that make it a stand out as an anti-snoring device.  Let's take a look at how you can personalize your experience with the Smart Nora.

Microphone Sensitivity Settings

One of the key features in the Smart Nora is the ability to adjust the sensitivity on the Pebble's microphone detection.  This means you can adjust the sensitivity settings to your personal preference and determine how easily the Pebble can detect when you begin to snore.  This is an important element in the snoring interruption process.  Ideally, you will want the device to begin the process in time to stop you snoring, but not too early as to rouse you from your sleep with the constant height adjustments.  

For your reference, higher sensitivities are better suited to quiet environments.  Whereas if you have a lot of environmental noise, try a lower sensitivity. 

Inflation Settings

What we really liked about the Smart Nora is the fact that it appears they have covered all their bases for customization.  Not only can you adjust the Pebble's sensitivity, you have the ability to set the height of the inflation of the pillow insert.  The inflatable options are low, medium and high. 

Silent Pump 

Obviously a key ingredient in the success of the Smart Nora keeping you and your partner asleep is the silent operation of the device.  The engineers have not scrimped in this department.  The Smart Nora uses a small air pump that is silent and effective.  On top of that, Smart Nora has included a felt lined case to house the air pump when set up, so to muffle any vibration noises that may occur during operation.  

Admittedly, some noise will be omitted when the pump kicks in.  However, we would challenge anyone complaining of the noise from Smart Nora - what they would rather...incessant snoring OR the occasional slight humming noise? 

30-minute Delay

The last feature we thought was worth highlighting is the ability to have a 30-minute delay before the Pebble starts monitoring for noise.  This is perfect for those individuals who take a little longer to sleep. 

Additionally, you won't have to worry about any noise triggering the device while you slowly drift off to sleep. 

Will the Smart Nora Work?

We wish we could make the blanket statement that this anti-snoring device is your snoring solution.  However, what makes this wonderful world interesting is that everyone is different.  No one snorer will be the same or have the one snoring solution. 

Having said that, the Smart Nora target's the most common problem that causes snoring - the collapsing of the airways.  Individuals who are a MOUTH SNORER, a NOSE SNORER or suffer from a mild form of SLEEP APNEA and successfully use this anti-snoring advice to help prevent you from snoring. 

In fact, SMART NORA claims it is successfully helping 75% of it's customers with resolving their snoring problem.  A very good success rate if you ask us! 

Don't know what kind of snorer you are?  Take our SNORING QUIZ to find out the type of snorer you are and if SMART NORA's technology can help you!  

Main Takeaways from our Smart Nora Review

Overall, we think the Smart Nora is an effective sleeping device that has been helping individuals around the world restore their sleep. 

With many customizable features to personalize your experience, it can be a solution to many people's snoring problem. 

It is an anti-snoring device that is produced by a reputable company with a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 

With such a good return's policy we think the SMART NORA is worth a try to see if you can reclaim you sleep and stop your snoring. 

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