Sleep Tight Mouthpiece


What we like...

Budget Friendly compared to other anti-snoring solutions
Unique fitting design
Non-intrusive treatment
FDA approved

What could be better...

Mouthpiece(s) can lead to occasional drooling
Indivduals with smaller/larger than average jaws will find it uncomfortable
Not suitable for individuals with dental accessories (like braces, crowns or capped teeth)

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Review

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Sleep Tight Snoring Mouthpiece is a budget friendly snoring solution that is suitable for most individuals suffering from snoring.  Developed by a dentist and fellow snorer, Dr Michael Williams, you can be confident this FDA approved sleeping device will help you on your journey to restoring your sleep. 

What is a Snoring Mouthpiece?

Before we get into the specifics of the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece, let's do a quick overview of what exactly a snoring mouthpiece is, and the theory behind how it works to reduce your snoring. 

A snoring mouthpiece is one of the most common remedies recommended when it comes to snoring solutions.  Reasons for its popularity are:

  • it is budget friendly,
  • accessible to most people, and
  • is a non-invasive solution to stopping snoring. 

Generally speaking, tongue based snoring is when your tongue obstructs your airways.  A snoring mouthpiece works by preventing the back parts of your tongue from collapsing into the throat area during sleep.  

Don't know if you are a 'tongue-based' snorer?  Take our Snoring Quiz to find out what type of snorer you are today!

The mouthpiece achieves it's anti-snoring properties by gently placing a tension on the lower jaw.  In doing so, the tongue muscles are activated and naturally stays forward, preventing it from collapsing backwards into the throat. 

How Does the Sleep Tight Device Work? Is it a snoring solution?

The Sleep Tight Device is an effective and popular sleeping aid tool that has been helping tongue-based snorers reduce their snoring since 2014.

The Sleep Tight Mouthpiece is a mandibular advancement device (MAD).  It bases its functionality on the same theory as most snoring mouthpieces.  It uses two malleable mouth guards made out of BPA-free thermoplastic to mold around your personal teeth and jaw structure. 

The mouthpiece uses its unique structure to add tension to your lower jaw, forcing your tongue forward and allowing the airways to flow freely. Take a look at Sleep Tight Mouthpiece's explanation in the below video. 

 - How to Use the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

The Sleep Tight Mouthpiece is a simple-to-use device that can be customized in your own home.  This is particularly useful, as you won't need to arrange any fitting appointments with a professional. 

To customize and fit the Sleep Tight Device, you will need the following equipment:

  • Boiling Water (this can be directly from a kettle or boiled on the stove)
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Sleep Tight recommends NOT using a microwave to heat the water.
  • Two heat proof containers (eg., cups or ceramic bowls)
  • Watch/Timer
  • Tongs

Instructions for Fitting your Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

  1. Boil water using your kettle/pot on the stove
  2. Once boiled, pour the hot water into your heat proof containers and allow to sit for 1 - 2 minutes.  If the water is too hot, the thermoplastic can change properties and end up with a rough texture. 
  3. Insert the fitting handle and submerge your Sleep Tight Mouthpiece into the hot water using your tongs for 3 minutes. 
  4. Once the time has passed, lift the device out of the hot water and shake off excess water.  Allow cooling for 10 seconds. 
  5. Ensure the device is correct side up (the top side is indicated by a V shape notch) and make sure fitting handle is secured well into the device.
  6. Place the heated mouthpiece into your mouth for molding by placing on your lower teeth and then biting down with a firm pressure. 
  7. IMPORTANT - While biting down, ensure you move your lower jaw forward to align your bottom teeth with your top teeth (having your bottom teeth slightly forward of your top teeth is also acceptable).  Getting the lower jaw position is critical for the device to be successful in preventing your snoring.
  8. Hold this position for 30 seconds and press the mouthpiece against your teeth with your fingers and tongue to achieve a tight fit and mold of your teeth. 
  9. Once molded, remove the device from your mouth and place it into a container with cold water to set.    

If you are not happy with the initial fitting, you can repeat the above steps to remold the device.  However, this should only be repeated one or two more times.  Repeated heating and cooling of the thermoplastic can (again) cause it to lose its properties and become rough in texture. 

For those who prefer to watch (rather than read), here is a video showing the molding process.

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Reviews - Features

What we like about the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

At first, it is easy to place the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece with all the other moldable anti-snoring devices on the market.  However, we are happy to report there are some discernible features that set the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece apart from the rest. 

  1.  The fitting device is a clever inclusion with the sleep tight device that serves a dual purpose.  Firstly, as the name suggests, the fitting device aids in the custom fitting of the device during the molding process.  This helps to maintain the integrity of the device and makes the process just that much simpler.  Secondly, and arguably more importantly, is the fitting device ensures that the large breathing hole (unique to Sleep Tight) is maintained and does not collapse while the thermoplastic is malleable.  This is vitally important to allow you to breathe freely while using the device during sleep.   
  2. You know it is a quality device when you can tell that the creators of the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece have strategically thought every aspect of this device.  In both the lower and upper mouth guards you will find 19 Raised Teeth Ridges in the mouthpiece. This allows for a tighter fit during the molding process and often results in the mouthpiece feeling like a bespoke fitting.   

What could improve with the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

  1. The Sleep Tight Mouthpiece is designed to only treat a specific type of snoring and mild forms of sleep apnea.  This means the device will help you overcome tongue-based snoring.  However, if you suffer from mouth-based snoring or nose based snoring, the device will not alleviate your snoring problem.  What's the solution?  Do some research.  It is not difficult to perform a few in-home tests to identify which type of snoring you are affected by.  Find out what type of snorer you are by taking our self-assessment snoring tests HERE
  2. Another potential issue some people may come across is the fitting process.  The Sleep Tight Mouthpiece allows for the convenience of fitting the device in your own home.  However, for some, this may be too much of a challenge and be enough to deter them from trying this solution.  The device only allows for one fitting (and maybe a few more re-tries), and does not provide the flexibility of incremental adjustments. The fitting process also requires the fitting handle to be installed correctly in order to maintain the integrity of the breathing hole.  If not installed correctly, the breathing hole may collapse and prevent the appropriate amount of air in and out of the device.  

Warnings and Side effects of the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

As always we like to present a transparent picture of the sleeping devices we review.  Let's take a look at the aspects of the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece we think our readers need to be aware of before considering purchasing the product.

  • The Sleep Tight Mouthpiece takes a one size fits all approach.  While this sounds good in theory, we all know humans are not the same shape and size.  For those with smaller than average or larger than average sized jaws comfort can be an issue.  Even though it may work practically in reducing your snoring, it may come at a cost of your comfort during sleep.  This is great for your partners sleep, however it defeats the purpose of the device for you. 
  •  It is worth noting that when we ordered the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece, the company noted the trial period started upon purchase (not upon receipt of the product).  This means we lost a few days of the trial period.  So the lesson here is to not procrastinate when you receive the device and start using it immediately.  

Main Takeaways for the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

The Sleep Tight Mouthpiece is a professionally designed device that specifically targets individuals who suffer from tongue based snoring or mild sleep apnea symptoms. 

What we like about the device is that it is an affordable treatment option for your snoring that is non-invasive with the added convenience of being fitted in your very own home. 

Some individuals may find the fitting process slightly overwhelming, or would simply prefer a professional to fit their anti-snoring devices.  However, we have put together a simple step-by-step set of instructions to follow, as well as Sleep Tight's instructional video. 

We believe it is worthwhile taking up the offer of a trial for $9.95 to see if the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece works for you. 

If you found our Sleep Tight Review useful it would help us move one step closer to our mission of restoring sleep around the world if you could share it with your friends and family. 

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