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convenient sleep apnea testing
budget friendly
professional interview and service
non-invasive analysis for sleep apnea

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not suitable for people requiring advanced help
limited to 40 states within USA

Singular Sleep Review

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If you suspect you suffer from Sleep Apnea but don't have the time (or budget) to undergo an in-lab sleep apnea test, then this Singular Sleep Review may just be the thing you have been looking for. 

The Singular Sleep - Sleep Apnea Test offers a convenient and non-intrusive solution to sleep apnea testing.  With Singular Sleep you will receive a professional diagnosis from a licensed physician and all from the comfort of your very own home

If the Singular Sleep Home Testing Kit sounds like something that may be of interest to you, continue reading our review to learn how the Sleep Apnea Test works, the benefits and any potential risks you should consider with using the test.  

What is Sleep Apnea? Do I Need to Undergo a Test? 

If you are reading our Singular Sleep Review, it is likely you have already done your own research to find out what sleep apnea is and the symptoms.  

However, for those that are just beginning their sleep apnea journey, sleep apnea is defined as a serious sleeping disorder where breathing is frequently interrupted during sleep.  Symptoms include restless sleep, snoring, and waking up with extreme drowsiness. 

This sleeping disorder can affect the quality of your life on a physical and emotional level.  It is for this reason that if you suspect you have sleep apnea, we think it is well worth your while to undergo a test (in-lab or at home) to improve your sleep and well-being. 

If you want to find out more about Sleep Apnea, check out our article What is Sleep Apnea?.

How Does The Singular Sleep Apnea Test Work?

Using the Singular Sleep Home Testing Kit is a simple process that has great online and phone support.  For those that may feel daunted with the prospect of managing medical equipment on their own, there is a detailed step-by-step set of instructions.  And worse case, the team are only a phone call away.  

The Singular Sleep Home Test Kit process is simple:

  1. Place your order via Singular Sleep's website order form,
  2. The Home Test Kit arrives within 2 - 3 business days,
  3. Set up and connect the device before sleeping in your own bed,
  4. Return the equipment in the return mailing envelope, and
  5. Receive your results in 3 - 4 business days. 

How accurate are the Singular Sleep Review results? 

Once Singular Sleep receives the equipment, they begin their analysis of the data and information you recorded in your home.  Without getting too technical, their evaluation method involves a three pass system that ensures a highly accurate result.  The three pass system involves analysis from the software, a re-evaluation from a registered polysomnographic technologist, and then finally reviewed by Dr Krainin, who is a board certified sleep medicine doctor with over 12 years of experience. 

About the people behind Singular Sleep

Dr Joseph Krainin is the founder of the virtual Singular Sleep center, with over 12 years of experience in the field of sleep. He has pioneered the concept of Singular Sleep with the aim of simplifying the sleep apnea testing process with teleconference medicine.  

In fact, the technology behind the testing kit has been recognized and named in the top 50 Innovation Leaders of its industry. 

Dr Krainin launched Singular Sleep in 2015, and with his team of sleep experts, he has been providing virtual sleep apnea tests to many sleep deprived individuals.  

Check out this introduction video by Singular Sleep including some customer reviews:

One of the primary benefits of using Singular Sleep for a sleep apnea test is the convenience.  If you were to ask someone to compare the convenience of performing the tests in the comfort of your own home/bed to performing the test in a sterile lab, 9 times out of 10 you know which one they will choose. 

Other than the convenience, the test is non-invasive.  At Sleep Quizzz we consider this to be a big positive when it comes to sleep treatments.  We are an advocate for trying non-invasive methods of sleep treatment, before opting for solutions such as surgery. 

What are the disadvantages?

One of the main disadvantages to a home test kit (when compared to in-lab testing) is the lack of a human connection between the doctor-patient relationship.  There are some arguments to say the physical connection when a patient sees a doctor promotes a therapeutic response, which assists in the healing process. 

Singular sleep try to overcome this hurdle by providing teleconferencing between the doctor and participants in their home tests. At the very least, the patient will get to see the doctor who has diagnosed their test results, and have confidence that it wasn't just a robot or program.  

Another disadvantage for using the Singular Sleep Apnea Test is that you have to be living within one of the 40 states that Dr Krainin is licensed to provide advice and practice medicine. Here is a list of the 40 states that Dr Krainin can practice medicine.

Unfortunately, this also means if you reside outside the United States, you will not be able to order the Singular Sleep test.  

Main Takeaways for our Singular Sleep Review

Singular Sleep offers a very affordable Sleep Apnea test solution.

With advanced video conferencing technology, you are now able to perform the test, and receive your test results from the comfort of your very own home.  Perfect for those that don't have the time or luxury of multiple visits to sleep labs and doctors appointments. 

We love how Singular Sleep are innovating the way medicine and treatment is being delivered with modern technology. 

If you are looking for a budget friendly and convenient solution for Sleep Apnea Testing we believe Singular Sleep may be the answer you are looking for. 

Click the button below to find out more about the home Singular Sleep - Sleep Apnea Test today. 

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